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I’ve descided to write this blogpost in english. A lot has been happening in my life the past twelve weeks. So I wanted to make a little recap of it for those of you who hasn’t yet learned the beautiful language of IKEA and Volvo ☺

I’ve been struggling with a painful knee since the beginning of February. Twelve very painful weeks has passed since I first realised that this was something serious and something regular painkillers and voltaren cream couldn’t fix.

Seven different doctors in Sweden all looked at me and made their very best to find out what the problem was. I’ve gone through so many different rehab, stretching exercises and treatment methods I was slowly getting crazy. There was no improvement at all.

So, I descided to fly to Belgium to see yet another doctor and this time I was diagnosed with something completely different. And there was only one way to fix it. This was something that was not going to heal by itself. After twelve weeks with only rest (except for the rehab exercises), I was not surprised by the news. The only choice I had was operation. I had complete faith in the doctor, and everything he explained to me about this injury was spot on from what I’ve experienced.

So this Wednesday I had my surgery and I’ve been bed bound since then. I am allowed to fly back to Sweden later this week which feels good. My father has been with me the whole time since the operation and I don’t know what I should have done without him. Almost feels like I’m a kid again, getting my socks and pants put on by my dad ☺

For the first time since February I have an answer, and that’s a big relief.


I really appriciate all the nice words from everyone who has been writing to me. It means a lot. Also a big thank you to my team Lensworld-Zannata-Etixx for great support  and understanding in this situation. And my supportive team mates who has been keeping my mood up. I’m proud to be a part of this team.

Now, time to focus on recovery.


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  1. Lars Herthelius
    april 29, 2016 at 17:07

    Now it will get better and better. But just you wait until you get on your bike again. Then the real fun begins. Sore knee and all. And then the really fun begins when training starts and you ask yourself ”Where are my legs?”. But hey, if you’ve come this far I am sure you’ll go even further once back racing. Det som inte dödar härdar!? Kör hårt! Lars i Sandviken med mitt knä.

  2. Anonym
    april 30, 2016 at 16:34

    Hope you get well soon Hanna! there are some good races at the end of the season! Bart

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